High art on the table

Not only wrist chronometers can boast of complications, modern technologies and unusual technical solutions. Table clock is not only a utilitarian item, but also a study decoration, equipped in the most advanced way.

Lunar Hijra by Konstantin Chaykin

The only representative of Russia in AHCI Konstantin Chaykin has created a limited edition of table clocks with the Islamic Lunar Hijra calendar. Many Muslims in the world live in two calendar systems, they compare their lives not only to calendar accepted in the point of residence, but to the Lunar Hijra also, which bases on the migration moment of prophet Muhammad to the city of Yathrib (Medina). The item is rich in complications. Besides the above mentioned, there are here a lunar calendar, and a minute tourbillon carriage of which counts down the seconds, and a Gregorian calendar with indication of day and month. 

Tres Caracoles by Miki Elita

Mika Elite is an artist without core education, specializing in manufacturing of kinetic objects, reflecting the passage of time. Fascinated by the kinetic art, he engaged in production of interior clocks since 1996. The work Tres Caracoles was presented at BaselWorld in 2014. A hallmark of the product is an integrated repeaters system operating on the principles of kinetic energy. One can hear the 20-second tune once in a lifetime only – at least a century will pass before it repeats.

L'EPEE 1839 Two Hands 

The model was released in honor of the 175th anniversary of the brand foundation. With a diameter of 290 mm, the product’s weight in configuration of platinum and titanium is 40 kg (with base). These unique clocks have a 40 days power reserve, which will allow you not to worry about precision for more than a month. A titanium tourbillon integrated into minute pointer gives them the status piece unique. Their unusual design materials fascinate. They represent not only an artistic value, but also a collector one.