The princesses' best friends

Whatever may skeptics say, the true princesses and their fabulous jewelry still exist. Let us discover the masterpieces of jewelry art from the Côte d’Azur.

At all times, the female members of royal families were not averse to demonstrating a special taste and possibilities in the choice of jewelry. And though the list of reigning royal families was considerably diminished during the last couple of centuries, the trend generally persists. Another thing is that some of them are quite interesting to observe, while others are not that much. And in this, even the much larger countries might be jealous of a tiny principality of Monaco. It so happened that for sixty years, the personalities, styles, and biographies of that land’s princesses have been exciting the imagination of common people all over the world. It all began with the incomparable Grace Kelly, who would appear to be destined from the very childhood to be special in everything. In just a few years of her stay at the top of Hollywood stardom, the American actress had a chance to shoot the outlaws in the iconic western High Noon, twice acted as a Hitchcock’s blonde protagonist in the Rear Window and Dial M for Murder, and finally, the leading role in The Country Girl earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. However, it was her meeting with Rainier III and the following marriage in 1956 that made her the real icon of pop
culture. An unprecedented resonance of the event among the public was gained not so much due to the dreamlike underplot of the story,
but rather by conforming to the image of a canonical, ideal princess, The Red and White Perhaps, it was jewelry house of Cartier who endeavored more than which the world would only dream of before. She became the most charming of all possible symbols, not so much of Monaco, but of the old Europe in general. She was looked up to, imitated, and her mode of dressing dictated fashion for years to come.
And now in the XXI century, history repeats itself: again, merely a girl becomes the wife of the reigning monarch, and again the word “merely” seems the most inappropriate of all. Everybody is fond of Charlene. A beauty, a sportswoman, a model of style - the fi rst lady
of Monaco was a professional swimmer by occupation, and even caped for South Africa at the Olympic Games 2000. When you look
at her wearing one more amazing necklace, it’s difficult even to decide who stands to gain from this companionship.

The Red and White

Perhaps, it was jewelry house of Cartier who endeavored more than others for the Monégasque princesses. Say remembering Grace›s
engagement ring with an emerald cut diamond weighing 10.47 carats. The company Société des Bains de Mer that runs the luxury infrastructure of the principality, such as opera, casino, or Hôtel de Paris, complimented the new Princess of Monaco with the Bains
de Mer Tiara made of diamonds and cabochon rubies created by the jewelers of the French brand. The three of its main elements,
if desired, can be separated and used as brooches. The selection of precious stones was not occasional - red and white are the main
colors of the Monégasque state fl ag, and the piece of jewelry has always come in handy at any protocol event. A worthy place in the Princess Grace jewelry collection belongs to a series of exquisite animalistic brooches featuring animals, such as a diamond-studded poodle and a hen with pearl eggs. And of course, specially mentioned should be a famous three strand necklace with round and baguette cut diamonds that total about 60 carats. By the way, for the filming of recent biopic Grace of Monaco, with Nicole Kidman in the titular role as Grace Kelly, the company Cartier created exact replicas of almost all of the above pieces of jewelry. No less forces and skill were invested in the impeccable monarchic images by representatives of an offi cial supplier of official supplier to the Principality - the company Van Cleef & Arpels. Just to mention the Ocean Tiara following a waveform, which can be worn as a necklace, wedding gift from Prince Albert
II of Monaco to his bride Charlene, as well as the earrings of an impressive size from the same set. And of course, the Grace’s pearl wedding set, consisting of a necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Apart from this there stand the pieces of jewelry by Tabbah and an independent jeweler Lorenz Bäumer that made a fuss during the wedding of Charlene and Albert II, in particular, the Infinite Cascade Necklace with 1237 round and baguette cut diamonds and the unique Diamond Foam Tiara imitating a wave lapping on the shore.