Watch with a dragon on the dial – the new extravagant accessory from Yvan Arpa

Master with an extraordinary view on the art of watchmaking Yvan Arpa and master-engraver Bram Ramon have released an interesting model with an unconventional design again – the watch ArtyA Golden Dragon Tourbillion. In understanding of Yvan Arpa, the head of the brand, an everyday accessory to determine time needs to be something more than just a classic timepiece model. ArtyA collaboration with the Belgian artist have already compelled the attention of collectors and true connoisseurs of unique luxury items. One of the most complicated hand relief engraving on the bezel and dial of high quality steel and 24 Karat gold in a model Dragon Tourbillion refers to the neo-Renaissance era of the 19th century. The pattern, designed in the style of the Northern Europe ornaments, took more than 200 hours of painstaking work. The drawing was performed using a 3D sculptural carving under a stereo microscope. Classic bezel engraving in the spirit of the times embodies a fantasy dragon, carved from a single piece of gold and as if released into the real world from the pages of ancient legends. According to the artist, it was one of the most difficult of his works.