Bright sparks in the world of motors

The first half of the year is traditionally rich in car and motorbike novelties. We have selected the most unusual, interesting and welcome ones.


The fashion on non-road vehicles does not pass, and most luxury brands have already managed to release a particular model. However, Maybach was able to overtake competitors also in this segment. One will be able to pass almost everywhere on the G650. The main helpers will be a clearance of 450 mm and an engine from the G65 AMG 6.0 biturbo (630 hp, 1,000 HM). The novelty is equipped with a modified rear part of the Mercedes-Maybach S-class cabin, which means that we will find comfort, comparable to a seat of a business jet.


Horacio Pagani has managed to make the Roadster lighter than extreme version of the coupe. Unlike debuted last year Huayra BC, the novelty sports a monocoque made of titanium, carbon fiber and special material Carbo-Triax HP52. The body became 52% more rigid so the lack of a roofing did not require excessive strengthening of the bottom. The “heart” of the hypercar is boosted to 764 hp, engine of Mercedes-AMG V12 6.0 is equipped with two turbines and the maximum torque is 1000 NM.


The Triumph company continues to delight its fans by unusual approach. Previously cruisers of different variations came out of the factory gates, and now the British experts have decided to do something nice for bobbers’ fans. Retaining the style of the 30-40-ies, they have not forgotten to equip the technique with of all the “benefits of civilization” like traction control, ABS or electronic throttle control. Adjustable saddle and dashboard complement the ergonomics.