Brothers in arms

From a historical point of view, any modern watch essentially owes its existence to military gear. A century ago, the boom in man wristwatch models previously considered exclusive prerogative of ladies, began just after the First World War. Of course, the idea of familiar to us divers or pilots also based on utilitarian needs of people in form. After all, scuba diving and air travel have become a lot of amateur athletes only relatively recently. Therefore, when some manufacturers like Panerai or IWC boast rich experience of cooperation with the armed forces, they do not exaggerate at all. No matter, how meticulous you are about intricacies of the complex mechanics, to deny the image component of Swiss watches is meaningless. However, once the military style one way or another has an impact on fashion in general, it would be strange to pass around such a bright and striking accessory. The scale of borrowing seriously varies. There are whole collections, dedicated the military theme all around. The same Colt from Breitling shows up by its bearing and masculinity, even amid numerous pilots or divers of the brand. It is a common practice to release a watch inspired by a particular historic model, actually having been active-duty, for example, Longines Heritage Military COSD with its discreet steel case and a spacious dial, not overloaded with indication. Nevertheless, sometimes brands just limit themselves to a camouflage coloring of the case or of the strap, like by the extravagant Romain Jerome Steampunk Auto Camo. In the end, what matters is a harmonious combination of the used elements; there are no proper recipe or hard regulations here. 

Franck Muller Mens Collection Vanguard Camouflage V 45 CC DT CAMOU Hacks

The main thing is a strap. From the usual details in the world of military watches only metal bracelets are rare, yet, a full explanation is onthe surface. It is enough to remember why diver models on a leather strap are considered among purists a derogation from the gold standard. Rubber or steel much better withstand numerous contacts with seawater. Even if you are not going to dive in your new Fifty Fathoms, with regard to the philosophy behind them, such a possibility must still remain for you. The same story is about the items inspired by military service: the straps, especially vintage or NATO, are ideologically much closer to trench or drill life. A separate discussion deserve the models, whose design is based on the details of cockpits, hatches, dashboards and other attributes of military equipment. It is if you put a tank piece on the wrist, and even an incompetent person is able to feel its visual intention. What cannot be said about modern reincarnations of real officer's models. Those generally do not meet the conventional ideas about the needs of real campaigners and are similar to camouflaged futuristic monsters no more than a staff colonel is alike the cinematic Rambo.

Ulysse Nardin Marine Black Sea Camouflage Limited Edition