For travel enthusiasts – an updated version of the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle with 37 time zones


To watch the time of all the continents with the help of only one accessory is a dream of a real traveler. Updated version of the classic models Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle, released in a limited edition of 10 copies, added by a complexity helping to orientate in hours and minutes of various points of the globe. Its recognizable dial, enclosed into a precious a 42.5-millimeter white platinum case, consists of three discs and is decorated with enamel painting in the form of map projection. The miniature appeared thanks to incredible efforts and great patience of the manufacture artisans. Compound painting of water area, bordering land, is made with opaque enamel and enamel in the grisaille technique, which allowed giving the map maximum reality.

Cities’ names are in white color and are in time zones with a difference of a full hour. Rich blue marks half-hour and fifteen-minute zones. The crown manages all functions. The final touch - a blue strap from Mississippi alligator leather complements the classically elegant model.