Timati: It's time to act... No time to sleep

Our meeting had long been planned and at last, the day was appointed. Proud and confident, bold and independent, he came to our office and immediately impressed me with his friendliness. It would seem that an idol of millions, a friend of Ramzan Kadyrov, a first-class businessperson, a chief of a music label must be full of himself. Nevertheless, the conversation was easy and honest. 

Interview by: Ksenia Dmitrieva 

About the youth

Timur, in your understanding, what is happiness? — Happiness is when you do every day what you love. Many of my friends wore out the seat of their trousers at universities, not understanding what they will live in future. As for me, realizing that I am not going to be an economist or a lawyer, I left Higher School of Economics in the third year. I plunged into the entertainment and music industry, not a bit of regret now. 

May happiness be in wealth? — We must have pity on the person whose happiness lies solely in material values, because it is not the main thing at all.

What is the main thing? — Work, friends, kids, family. There are so many things in life for self-development. We are thoroughly trying to convey to the youth that they should be interested in everything around, travel, visit amazing places and not sit at home on the couch. 

What instructive do you convey to the youth? — The message of the whole company was initially pro-American. We focused on the concept of the “American dream”. Then it transformed and became the “Russian dream”. In fact, everything is simple: we are against drugs and alcohol, for self-development and self-realization. Any talented guy or interesting girl have a chance to show and to prove himself or herself. 

Does it appear that the “Russian dream” means a chance to be heard? — The point is that any regular guy, who now sits in Novosibirsk, Omsk, Vladivostok, Rostov or Krasnodar, having a talent can break through. If we are interested in him, we will sign a contact; he will start to sound all over the country, to make decent money and to collect the large venues. 

About watches

Yellow articles online claim, there are over a hundred unique watches in your collection. — All that is left to do is to dream about it. (Laughs.)

Let’s dispel the myth! How many watches do you have? — I never have more than 7-10 watches. They are constantly moving, my watches are on the move. Carried – gave away, sold – bought, changed. Watches lose their relevance with time. I would not like to specify and tell a brand, as I do not want to offend their owners. 

Surely, you keep 2-3 gems for years. — Like any guy, I always looked at my father. And he is a very conservative man; one cannot find watches with some frills in his collection. The father is very well versed in all watch brands, but he always gives preference to Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin. Sometimes he selects sport models Audemars Piguet also. However, usually he wears relaxed masculine classics: round shape, white or cream dial, without tourbillons, repeaters, and perpetual calendars. I looked, but never really understood it. Besides my first watch was a Casio with a calculator.

I had such one, too! (Laughing.) — But it was incredibly cool! It now looks funny, and then you could lose an arm having such a watch at the metro station. 

What are the complications in the watches you are attracted to now? — Earlier, when I was less versed in watches, I believed that the height of coolness was the tourbillon mechanism. However, the more time passes, the less I want to wear a watch with a tourbillon. In my opinion, it is not in the format of a guy in track pants, a t-shirt and sneakers. Disharmony comes in. A tourbillon requires classics: a nice suit, shoes and so on. The more time passes, the less I want to wear a watch with diamonds. Although in the past, I loved it. I had a favorite one, a jewel-strewn Jacob (editor’s note– Jacob&Co). 

Is it a part of growing up? — It is a stage of transformation, now even for me a watch with diamonds is a bad form. I look from the outside, I like it, but not going to wear it myself anymore. Although hip-hop artists all wear a sparkling watch. (Laughs.) However, for me it is over the top. In my collection there are no more watches with jewels, I got rid of all of them. Previously, like many, I did the tuning, added jewels after buying. Now customization is also an unacceptable story.

What is the most favorite model? — Now, I like classic models. Since the childhood, I was fond of the watch, and I always looked up to guys like 2Pac, Notorious B. I. G. or Snoop Dogg. They all wore Rolex in the mid-to late-90s. Classic, yellow, without jewels. This is one of my favorite models. (Takes off Rolex Day-Date.) It will never be out of fashion, in 20 years it will be as relevant as 20 years ago. Rolex, Audemars Piguet are my favorite brands. Nevertheless, Richard Mille is today the most innovative brand in production technology and materials. Everyone wants his watch.

Timati's favorite watches