Jacob Arabo returns to the space theme in the new model Astronomia Solar


Special attention at Baselworld 2017, held in March, deserves the famous American brand Jacob&Co. watch. The model Astronomia Solar with a solar system map at a busy dial shows an unsurpassed artisanship of Haute Horlogerie masters. The creation of an outlandish invention took 2 years of continuous work. Now home galaxy is always at hand, but rather on the wrist – accessory does not only show time but also gives opportunity to enjoy the unique animation as a round dance of stars in the solar system made of semiprecious stones and precious metals, which seem to soar in weightlessness: the golden Earth with enamel oceans, the bright Sun from the author's cut citrine with 288 facets, and the solar system stars, made of cabochon-cut stones – Jupiter is made from jasper, Uranium is made from lapis-lazuli, and Mars is from a red ruby. A background of bright celestial bodies and a small gold dial with zodiac signs is a carefully engraved space of aventurine glass, which rotates in the opposite direction towards the movement of light, making the small space world of outlandish watch more realistic. The Earth in this miniature model rotates around its axis once every 60 seconds and completes one full revolution of the dial in 10 minutes.

The reduced case size, new functions and faster rotation speed of living figures on the dial are made possible by an entirely new in-house movement. The hand-wound Jacob & Co. calibre JCAM19 beats at a frequency of 4Hz, which is faster than any other Astronomia models.

Continuing the Astronomia tradition and that of an abstract depiction of the universe that combines high-end watchmaker virtuosity with Jacob Arabo’s talent for searching new methods of cutting precious and semiprecious stones, the new watch model in pink gold case Astronomia Solar expands look through a broader lens, blurring the horizons of imagination and giving vent to the most grandiose ideas.