Following the results of two-day competitions of Red Bull Foiling Generation in new Zealand names of young yachtsmen who should protect honor of the country within the autumn international stage in Miami became known. Divided into teams of two people, boys and girls showed their ability to control high-speed catamarans on the wings of Flying Phantom. Despite their 150 kg weight, they can reach speeds of up to 35 knots and are considered to be the fastest boats of their size in the world. Regatta Red Bull Foiling Generation, founded in 2015 by the efforts of two-time Olympic Champions

Australian Roman Hagara and Austrian Hans-Peter Steinacher, has already managed to become a serious career springboard for promising athletes. Of course, in the races regularly participate and candidates for the Olympic teams. In General, if you are interested in the near future of sailing, it is better not to miss such competitions. Although calm in the harbour of Waitemata part of the planned launches had to cancel, to identify the winners, the organizers still managed. They were Isaac Makhardi and William MacKenzie. The next stage will be held in the summer in the Netherlands, and in November the Champions of each country will meet in the confrontation. The organizers decided to hold the international final in Miami.