Towards the sea


The new A105 from Arcadia Yachts takes the hi-tech luxury concept to a new level.

Milanese studio Hot Lab has rethought the traditional silhouettes of Arcadia Yachts, turning the A105 into a unique transformable space. The line between the opened and closed zones becomes blurred due to sliding doors and windows, allowing some serious upper and lower deck modification in the blink of an eye. So, the dining area on the hull back is seamlessly connected to the lounge-cabin and can accommodate up to 20 guests for dinner. The upper deck also gives an opportunity to party in any weather 365 days a year.

In addition to direct contact with nature – the sea and the sun – such design helps in reducing the use of air conditioners, while the solar panels integrated into the frame reduce the use of generators.

The entrance to the master cabin is located separately from the guest areas to provide the owner with maximum privacy. The interior design uses mostly natural materials and minimalistic shapes. The clients are offered more than 50 finishing options to fit your personal taste of exterior and interior.