Looks like brand’s creativity has no limits. The new timepieces presented by Yvan Arpa are rather impressive and one-of-a-kind.

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ArtyA Son of Alps: Tribute to Switzerland

The most famous peak of the Alps – the Matterhorn – became kind of a mainplate for the skeleton movement of this watch. The balance wheel at 6 o’clock was put at the foot of the mountain, the yellow barrel is used to symbolize the rising sun, and there is an expressive void at 9 o’clock. All the bridges have been totally designed from scratch and the snow effect on the side of the Big Rock is created with lacquer that was painted by hand before going to the oven. The steel case treated with a black PVD measures 41.5х44.8 mm and it is very simple to underline the concept of power and majesty of this iconic mountain. An exclusive manual winding skeleton Swiss Peak movement has a power reserve of 52 hours. The handmade leather strap is pierced by white stitches echoing the snow. The price for the item is CHF 6’900.

ArtyA Son of a Gun Bullets and Gears Tourbillon

A whole allegory of all attacks smart-watches are carrying against traditional watchmaking appears on the dial of this timepiece. Three bullets – all real, obviously – represent the three main players of the smart-watch industry, while all the gears – intact or fractured – play the roles of classical movements. Amid this battlefield, at 6 o’clock, shows off the one-minute tourbillon. The steel case with ArtyA’s exclusive ChocoGold PVD treatment and the lateral fiber carbon inserts measures 44 mm in diameter and its steel bezel is hand engraved. The manual winding movement is beating at 4Hz and has a 60-hours power reserve. The price for the item is CHF 85’000.

ArtyA 3 Gongs Minute Repeater, Regulator, & Double Axis Tourbillon

Inspired by the sound of the famous Bo Diddley 1959 Gretsch guitar, Yvan Arpa designed a special case to amplify the sound and show off the movement, the mainplate of which looks like the Gretsch guitar. The unconventional case design was inspired by ‘houses designed for living at the bottom of the ocean’. The titanium case using sapphire crystal on the sides, the top and the bottom, to showcase the movement on all levels and to allow to the sound to be awesome. Dimensions of 64.6х47.3mm and 18.1mm in depth adds to the volume of the sound, and allows the tourbillon to turn on its second axis. It is rotating in 60 seconds in one axis and in 30 seconds in another.
The minute repeater has three gongs – one to let the customer know that the minute repeater chiming system is engaged, one for the hours, one for the minutes and the two striking together for quarter hours. Upon purchase, customers can even fine-tune the sound of the minute repeater to exactly fit their tastes.Inside the watch is the 3200AR caliber – manually wound mechanical movement realized by complications specialists from MHC. The watch is powered by two barrels, one for the movement and one for the minute repeater. Its power reserve comes up to 64 hours. The time display presented as a regulator-type, where the large minutes indication occupies the center and hours dial is on top of it. The rotating tourbillon itself doubles as the small seconds indicator. There are two versions of the watch: one with the golden bezel and one with the titanium one. The price for the item is about CHF 480'000.