Chatting with the Japanese watchmaker at Baselworld 2018.Best known for:

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Making watches all by himself including the coloring. Created his own chronograph and tourbillon movements.

Baselworld novelties:

Tsunami with a new dial.

– Tell us about the new Tsunami.

– The movement has a very large balance wheel and an enlarged drum, so the name is very suitable. New dial is made of German silver and hand-painted in a trademark gray color according to ancient Japanese technique.

– If even the coloring is done by yourself, how much time does it take to create a single piece?

– About a month.

– In average it means twelve watches a year, right?

– Actually - five. You see, I have several models, the one with a tourbillon, for example, takes three months.

– Why an independent watchmaker needs to develop his own version of such a common complication like a chronograph?

– Frankly, I don’t like modern chronographs. I am more a fan of the 1950s watches, for example, the old Longines or Valjoux. So I had to create my own.

– What’s the advantage when buying a watch from independents against the large brands?

– Big brands need to sell a lot of watches, so they need to produce something that fits absolutely anyone. As a result, the image and the character of each model is full of compromises, while my watches have a clear personality. Fortunately, my clients appreciate it. There is even some kind of waiting list. After all, during the development of a new caliber general production stops.

– And what kind of watches do you collect yourself?

– They are very different, not all even fit the haute horlogerie standards. There are so many interesting things around, you never know what will inspire you. Although, there is no single piece that satisfies me to 100%. That's why I became watchmaker.