A dressy automaton watch featuring an exceptionally long animation running for more than four minutes and symbolizing the eternal cycle of life.
A mother-of-pearl flower-bud at 3 o’clock symbolizes the unopened Lotus evoking the first season: spring. To its left, a Lotus flower in full bloom symbolizes summer. The petals are carved from mother-of-pearl, and finished with a thin coat of translucent paint that accentuates the relief. A lotus flower fallen onto the water represents the fall, carried away by the current. Autumn lotus set with a red ruby, a blue sapphire and a yellow sapphire. Finally, winter is marked at 6 o'clock by the seed pod of the aquatic plant. Seven diamonds represent the seeds.
The dial consists of three sections. The first is immobile: the onyx time register with gold hour and minute hands. It is surrounded by a crescent-shaped fixed disk of the Lotus life cycle with reed stems and three suspended lotus leaves in Grand Feu enamel on a white gold or red gold base. The third peripheral disk rotates, representing the perpetual movement of the water and houses two exceptional animations. The first is a Koi, which flaps its tails and also moves vertically up and down. Hand carved in gold the Koi is complemented by the floating Lotus animation opposite. Mother-of-pearl petals surround an unprecedented movement at the heart of the Lotus: each time it passes beneath the dial or leaves, it acquires a new stone – alternately blue sapphire, yellow sapphire and ruby.
A hand-painted and hand-carved dragonfly in red gold between 8 and 9 o’clock acts like a power reserve indication. It constantly moves downwards rests on a Lotus leaf when the barrel needs winding. The Magic Lotus Automaton measures 43 mm in diameter and is available in red gold or white gold, both limited to 28 pieces. The bridges and oscillating weight seen through the transparent caseback are hand-engraved with naturalist motifs echoing the dial side.