The jellyfish-inspired mega-watch gets a new look, but is this really a big deal? In short, yes.
While the piece clearly plays with the divers’ aesthetics, it’s obviously not a tool watch. And the brand is first to admit it with the basic 50 meters water resistance and the fact that red color quickly disappears during actual diving, being on the lowest end of the visible light spectrum. But look how has it changed the overall charisma of our beloved Aquapod! It just scored a couple of extra points in being super fun and playful, and there’s also some technical tweaks behind it. The three-dimensional numerals are now sculpted in titanium while the bridge of the 60-second flying tourbillon is made of sapphire crystal for the unprecedented transparency. And, for the record, it’s the first MB&F watch in red.
As you’d expect from a jellyfish, the watch does glow in the dark. Luminous material is found in the laser-engraved markings of the unidirectional rotating bezel, on the surface of the hour and minute numerals, and of course, on the ring surrounding the tourbillon. This time the 53.8 mm case is platinum so expect to feel some extra weight on your wrist. The self-winding in-house movement with 72-hour power reserve beating inside is basically the same, as well as the trademark super sensitive rotor. Production is limited to 25 pieces, each presented with three interchangeable straps (red, white and black) in aircraft-grade rubber. The price for HM7 Platinum Red is $165,000.