Another mega-watch with an unheard-of design from the independent brand known for its creativity.   
MB&F; Horological Machine HM10 'Bulldog' in titanium
The guys at MB&F are truly full of surprises. One the one hand, the new HM10 ‘Bulldog’ is a typical bold and provocative big boy – the measurements are 54x45x24 mm – the brand is mostly known for. On the other hand though, there are certain details that were never before used – yet alone imagined – in traditional watchmaking. First of all, don’t let the modest number of the overall indications – and we’re talking a time-only watch – fool you. The present few produce the enormous emotional effect.
MB&F; Horological Machine HM10 'Bulldog' in red gold
The hours and minutes are shown via two rotating domes with the lume-covered numbers, while the 45-hour power reserve amount is delivered in a form of dangerously looking teeth, hence the dog nickname of the watch. This mechanical jaw slowly closes as the mainspring unwinds. Now add two crowns to the picture – one for the winding at 11 o’clock, the other for time setting at 1 o’clock, – and you’ve got yourself a whole dog face: the time-telling domes become the eyes, and two crowns obviously symbolize the ears. Modern watch industry lacks imagination? Well, certainly not all of it.
In a natural wrist position, the moving mechanical 'jaw' of the power reserve is visible only to the owner
Powered by a manually would in-house movement beating at 2,5Hz, the new HM10 ‘Bulldog’ comes in titanium case with blue hour and minute domes, as well as in red gold with black domes. Of course, the majority of the mechanical stuff is meticulously finished and visible through lots of sapphire crystal surfaces. And just like some recent MB&F pieces, the watch showcases a huge 14-mm balance wheel right under the very dome. The piece is complemented by blue or brown calf leather strap and is priced at $105,000 for the titanium version, and at $120,000 for the red gold one.
The manually would in-house movement of the MB&F; Horological Machine HM10 'Bulldog' beats at 2,5Hz, quite usual for the brand