A limited edition dedicated to the greatest Batman nemesis arrives just in time.
RJ Arraw Joker Titanium
The flamboyant Swiss brand has been taking interest in comic book characters for some time now. And while the partnership with Warner Bros. and DC Comics seemed exciting right from the start, this one is a real killer. There’s simply no greater moment for Joker-themed watches to pop up: the namesake movie is storming the international box-office and has recently scored a historical win at the Venice Film Festival. Coming in a 45-mm titanium case with four distinctive rubber bumpers and featuring a laser-engraved bezel with – as the brand puts it – intentionally chaotic motif, the RJ Arraw Joker Titanium certainly has tons of personality. The layout of the silvery dial mimics the Joker’s dark makeup with two black eyes-counters slowly fading to white. The central hour and minute hands, as well as the indices are stylized to playing cards’ aces, the central chromo hand is purple and has a large ‘J’ letter as a counterweight. Oh, and there’s also a neat date window at 6.
Each RJ Arraw Joker Titanium dial is hand-painted
The RJ Arraw Joker Titanium is powered by a self-winding chronograph movement and comes complimented with three easily interchangeable straps matching the outfit of the comic villain: bright-green alligator leather, purple alligator leather, and black rubber. The last one makes perfect sense in case of some sporty activities, after all the watch is water resistant up to 100 meters. The RJ Arraw Joker Titanium is a limited edition of 100 watches, each piece will be presented with an exclusive deck of Joker cards.
The self-winding chronograph movement stays hidden beneath the solid caseback