Chatting with the Finnish independent watchmaker at Baselworld 2017. Best known for:

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Unusual and quite gloomy designs inspired by the northern landscapes and everything moon-themed.


A son of a Finnish jewellery designer Stepan Sarpaneva was keen with the exquisite craftsmanship since the early childhood. Through the years he managed to work with both the major watch manufactures like Piaget and a bunch of renowned independences – Vianney Halter and Christophe Claret to name a few. His timepieces are instantly recognizable by their flamboyant exteriors. You know for sure, his anthropomorphic Moon phases won’t smile despite the unwritten watchmaker’s rule and his loop of choice for any exhibition will look like brass knuckles. In his youth Stepan was a dedicated motorbike lover and this son- of-anarchy aesthetics still stands strong in his each and every timepiece. 

What are biggest news for Sarpaneva this year?

This year It’s about the Korona K0 Daredevil. It has four different tones of solid Super-LumiNova, four different colors on one dial. Depending on the amount of light stored from the environment it will glow in a different tone (points the flashlight towards the dial and it glows with stunning deep green). Then of course there are some guilloché dials and hand engraved cases. You know, I mostly work directly to the final customers so the watch is created together with the owner in every tiny details. All that you see here is presented just to show what could be done.  We can build the sky on the moon phase function or make the stars of a constellation in any color you wish. There are really a lot of things possible.

What’s your favorite part of being at Baselworld?

Friends. This is the place I come every year to meet my friends and have some beers with them (nods towards Bart Grönefeld who stands nearby, showing his watch to a gentleman in blue jacket). The show is super long but it’s fun to be here. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a lot because I’m needed here.

And what’s special about the Baselworld 2017?

The place itself. We are now exhibiting in Hall 1, while the previous years we used to be outside. It’s definitely an upgrade.