Satellite hour meets a couple of extremely rare astronomical complications.
Urwerk UR-100 SpaceTime Black
When the name Urwerk comes by in any conversation, chances are you’d imagine a watch with some kind of a hi-tech carrousel spinning on the dial. And while the UR-100 certainly stands to this criteria, this time it’s a bit more esoteric and philosophical then ever. Each of its three orbiting satellite hour discs – also acting as a minute pointers – is now able to show you the distance of the Earth’s rotation on its axis at the equator (555 km every 20 minutes) and the distance the Earth has travelled around the sun (35,740 km every 20 minutes). Essential information, right? But jokes aside, how often do you see such cool and playful concepts in modern watchmaking?
Urwerk UR-100 SpaceTime Iron
Driven by the automatic caliber 12.01 with a 48-hour power reserve and the trademark flat turbine rotor-regulation system, provided extra protection against excessive rotor speeds, the Urwerk UR-100 is a manifest of modern approach to the classics. Yes, the two complications are inspired by some unique antique clock, but just look at this 49.7 x 41 mm case and its finishings! They are 100% in-the-moment, and this is exactly where Urwerk is king. The watch comes in two versions: SpaceTime Black in black PVD-coated titanium and steel or SpaceTime Iron in natural titanium and stainless steel, both limited to 25 pieces. The price is CHF 48,000.
Urwerk UR-100 SpaceTime Black on the wrist