Another spaceship-like wandering hours watch from the masters of the game. This time featuring CTP carbon case, double power reserve, and a trademark oil change indication.
Urwerk UR-220 'Falcon Project’
There’s a handful of brands, who produce their own versions of satellite-hour complication, mostly going for its original aesthetics of the classical 19th century pocket watch. And then, there’s Urwerk, who managed to transform this old idea into a futuristic tour-de-force, forming the essential part of company’s DNA. Usually this is where all the words about the unconventional design and bold approaches are unleashed, but hey, Urwerk has long become the classics in its own right. So if you’ve loved some of their previous pieces, you’d naturally be excited by the new UR-220 'Falcon Project’. We surely are.
Oil change indication shows you how soon the watch needs to be serviced
The black 43.8x53.6mm case is very lightweight, comprising 81 thin layers of carbon pressed into a hard resin and complemented by a matching rubber strap. The fairly familiar UR-7.20 movement beating behind the curved sapphire-crystal has been reworked too. Aside from the regular time-telling and a tricky double power-reserve indication – each displaying a full day of the overall two-day capacity, it has a dedicated counter on the backside for recommended service activities, suggested once every 39 months. It measures only the running time of the watch, and at the very beginning you’d have to start this countdown yourself. Meaning it more or less shows you how much time you are spending together.
Time-telling is your typical Urwerk magic
The ‘regular time-telling’ is your typical Urwerk magic: three rotating cubes with a number of each of their four facets slowly spin clockwise, showing the current hour and acting as a 3D retrograde minute hands when passing the lowest section of the dial. Of course, there’ll always be some watch guys, believing all this mechanical extravaganza is too much for their classical style, and yes, the 15mm thick watch made of carbon may not be as stealthy and sleek as you’re used to. But all things considered, there’re not that many timepieces around, that radiate so much character and mechanical ideas. The price for Urwerk UR-220 'Falcon Project’ is CHF 145,000.
Urwerk UR-220 'Falcon Project’ case is made of 81 thin layers of carbon