Vincent Calabrese

– What’s the biggest difference between a timepiece by the independent watchmaker and a big brand?
– In the case of independents it is always special, always one piece. When you ask a watchmaker to make a watch he works directly for you. The watch is born of this relation.
– Do you feel any global changes in Baselworld and the industry in general?
– Here at the Academy we don’t see any changes. There are a lot of collectors around, but still not enough for everyone. Maybe the fair is not as interesting as before due to the decreasing number of participants and distributors. But inside our booth it’s the same.
– How does new technology affect you everyday work?
– When I made the Golden Bridge 41 years ago we had no calculators around. Now we have literary everything, you can even use laser…
– Do you use laser engraving?
– No, I don’t need it. But I work with software from 1989. If you take my first drawings, you’ll see the paper turned yellow. For me it’s a possibility to make any watch unique. I draw a wheel and I don’t need to draw it again. But no one forces me to do it exactly the same.
– Can you give any advice for starting up watchmakers?
– Our work seems very mysterious, so there aren’t many young watchmakers around. 30 years ago there were none. And the advise is quite simple: dream but don’t sleep.
– And what is your favorite part in creating a watch?
– The final part, because later I’m free.