According to their features the cases can be divided into:

  • dust-resistant
  • moisture-resistant
  • water-resistant
  • anti-magnetic
  • shock-resistant


Water-resistance is an ability of the case to prevent the water getting inside.

Water-resistant watches have Water Resistant/ WR mark and information about the allowed diving depth given in meter or bar. Not all watches marked by water-resistance can be worn for diving.

  • 20 m (2 ATM) - watch is protected only from water splash or rain
  • 20-30 m (2-3 ATM) - you can wash hands wearing the watch
  • 30-50 m (3-5 ATM) - you can have a shower wearing the watch
  • 50-100 m (5-10 ATM) - it's allowed swimming and snorkeling.
  • 200 m (>20 ATM) - watches can be worn for diving