Materials and Coatings

The watchmakers struggle to use materials of highest quality, develop their own unique alloys and technologies, to make an attractive look of watches and keep it so as long as possible.

The precious metals such as platinum, gold of different colors, silver in divers alloys or pure accentuate the beauty and high status of the watch.

High quality metals, like steel and titanium, posses dazzling white-silvery shine and resist corrosion and scratches effectively.

The sapphire crystal is used to create transparent cases.

Shock-resistant models are made of newest polymers and carbon.

Anti-magnetic watches are made from special alloy - permalloy.

The diver watches are manufactured from rubber and polymers.

Special coatings give cases additional features like unique color, luminescence, matte, glance, corrosion- and scratch-resistance.

The DLC coating contains carbon particles, which provide material with diamond hardness and black color.

The PVD coating is a method of metal particles deposition, which gives hardness, smoothness, shine and homogenous color to a material.

Rhodium coating provides the material with cold white shine and corrosion resistance.

Super LumiNova coating contains light saving pigments and stands out for its long lasting bright shine in the dark. It is used for markings on bezels and dials.