Dial Types

Dial is a metal plate with markings and hands for time indication.

The dial is considered to be a face of the watch. Its design affects the whole outfit, that is the reason of such wide variety of colors, inlays, forms and markings.

As a material for dials are used metal alloys and precious metals, such as nickel silver, silver and gold. There are several ways to give a color to a dial: it can be varnished, galvanized, coated with enamel or mother of pearl.

Depending on watch complexity dials can contain additional indicators, apertures, markings and hands.

Types of dials

Monolithic – classical one-piece nontransparent dial, which covers the movement completely.

Skeletons – transparent or asymmetric dial, which shows the caliber partly or fully.

Sandwich type (double) – a dial, which consists of two plates one on another. The lower one is made from luminous material, and the plate at the top has cuttings in form of numbers, thereby it's possible to see the time in the dark.